Imo Nazaré – the best of two worlds

It all started with a unique meeting between Portugal and Sweden. Today, professional  real estate agents from Portugal work together with experienced business and property managers from Sweden. Together, they combine a vast experience of real estate and sales. Why is Imo Nazaré a better choice for you if you are in the process of buying or selling a  property in Portugal? Read Niklas’ story.

… from one side of the street to the other

It all started at a real estate agency in February 2012. Calle and I went on a ”Tour of Portugal” with the aim of finding the right spot for buying our own private houses. In Nazaré we found what we were looking for – property that we liked at the right price. Now, we have also started a real estate agency in Nazaré at a privileged location on the same street where it all started in 2012. One could argue that in 3 years we have only been able to move from one side of the street to the other. But that is not how we see it – we would rather say ”That´s one small step for a man,  one giant leap for mankind”  This is our TRIP TO THE MOON! We have landed in Nazaré with our own houses and with our own real estate business, Imo Nazaré. And this is only the beginning. We will continue to drive and develop our concept with the ambition to grow our business with more excellent Portuguese real estate agents on the entire coastline from Peniche in the south up to São Pedro de Moel in the north. The hub will always be Nazaré on the wonderful Silver Coast.

From country to country, own house in Nazaré and eventually own business in Portugal

Over the years, Calle and I have been in many different countries around the globe  to windsurf. Many beautiful places; Canary Islands, Turkey, Florida, Tarifa/Spain, Bali… Some years ago we started talking about actually buying property in one of those  nice places by the ocean. Most places were rejected because of different reasons; too far away, only possible to reach by plane, time difference, no ocean sunset… Eventually we realized that Portugal could be interesting. So we decided to explore the coastline of the country. Things that made us especially interested in the country were: low property prices – relatively speaking, very favourable tax rules, beautiful landscape, the Atlantic coast with endless beaches and elevated landscape inside the coastline that always offers a sunset in the sea (not the Algarve), nice and honest people, interesting culture and beautiful genuine towns. The culture enthusiasts have plenty to explore: castles, churches, monasteries, the legacy of the sailors and the Moors, fishing villages, vineyards and much, much more.  In addition, a lot of sport possibilities: golfing, surfing, mountain biking, road biking, hiking trails, horseback riding and even a small ski resort!

Discovery tour of Portugal

In February 2012, we decided to do a ”discovery tour” in Portugal with the aim of finding the spot we were looking for. We went in February, just to ensure that we would witness what the places looked like during the low season. We wanted to find a place that offered a lively city life with open shops and restaurants also during wintertime. We visited many cities on the coast, met many real estate agents from the Spanish border on the Algarve coast, via Sagres in southwest and up along the Atlantic coast both north and south of Lisbon. When we came to Foz do Arelho and  São Martinho do Porto on the coastline north of Lisbon our heart rate started to rise. Here, we had found two places that might meet our needs. Is it worthwhile continuing further north? Decision taken: Yes, we have time for one more city. Out on the highway – extremely nice highways, by the way – and up to Nazaré. Spot on.

Nazaré – Wow!

When driving down the main street to the Marginal  – the street inside the boardwalk of the big city beach (a bit like Copacabana but without the people crowd) – we  looked at each other and said: Wow! What a city and what a view! We went through our checklist: nice beach – Check, good harbour for yachts and fishing fleet – Check, nice city centre with alleys and restaurants – Check, food market – Check, house for sale with sea views – Check! Furthermore, a funicular from downtown Nazaré to the oldest part of Nazaré, Sitio,  100 metres above the sea level. Fantastic!  We took another turn with the car and  found a real estate agency where we stepped in and met two agents; Renato Silva and Rita Brilhante. Three years later, the co-founders of Imo Nazaré.

Happy clients  – not by coincidence!

Everything else is history, as we say. In this case, the story of Imo Nazaré and, of course: Happy clients  – not by coincidence!

We invested a lot of time and drove many miles before we found the right city for us. In Nazaré, we met two really good real estate agents, who really showed the interested in understanding our needs and quickly, the same day, found objects that could be of interest for us.

Time passed and we made many more trips down to Nazaré to see more houses and to get to know Nazaré and the Silver Coast better. As a bonus we also got to know Renato and Rita and the town of Nazaré. Eventually we bought a house with their help. A new built house,  complemented with a pool and roof terrace upon our request.  Everything finished a couple of months after order. Renato and Rita were fantastic help in guiding us with the right craftsmen, opening of bank account, the visit to the notary, etc. We did not hire a lawyer or other external expertise. It was not needed. We had the best agents assisting us, all the way!

We spent our first Christmas and New Year (the New year party here is really special by the way…) in Nazaré. We were overwhelmed with what we saw and experienced and we realized that not that many people knew about this place, especially in Scandinavia. Maybe we could do something about that… so we started Portugal agent – a marketing window to the Silver Coast ( – with the aim to work with local real estate agents and eventually have more people buy property in the area.

We have many years of being entrepreneurs and businessmen. I have also run a yacht broker agency for 10 years with the same working methods as a property real estate agent. Calle Sjöberg has 20 years experience managing his own properties. “That´s a good match, so why not also start a real estate business ourselves?” we said. And we met Rita and Renato again who had left their jobs to start up something new. Decision taken – let´s do it together! A very exciting planning process started and it ended up with the the real estate agency Imo Nazaré:”On the other side of the street – only better.”

When we first met in February 2012 we did not know that this meeting would change our lives. If Renato would have been able to see into the future, he could have paraphrased Rick Blaine (*) like this: ”Of all the real estate agents in all the towns in all the world, they walk into mine”

Why Imo Nazaré is a better choice

There are many real estate agents on the Silver Coast in Portugal but there are no other that combine the local expertise in real estate with international network and unique knowledge of web based marketing. We help you before the decision, during the purchase process and also afterwards with our After-Sales services. If you are thinking of selling your property you should know that potential clients will find the objects on our website even outside of Portugal. We know SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we market in Swedish in Sweden and reach the rest of Europe in English as a first step  – French and German to come.

Welcome to Imo Nazaré – whether you’re buying or selling!

Niklas Forsén,  co-founder

(*) Humphrey Bogart’s character in the classic film Casablanca. He makes the  comment when he meets a lady he had had a relationship with long ago and whom he thought was dead. The meeting will completely change his and her life.