“The waves of Nazaré” by André Botelho on display at the Municipal Gallery

Rita Brilhante - 4 January 2018

“As Ondas da Nazaré” is the theme of the photographic exhibition that André Botelho presents at the Paul Girol Municipal Gallery, from January 13th to February 10th.

The passion for photography began early, and the dedication to this art was affirmed with the consecration of Nazaré as one of the international big-wave spots, confirmed with the entry of the “world’s biggest surf ever surfed” in the Guiness Book of Records, in 2011.

“The dedication to photography is no longer a hobby to take on a more professional side, after the recognition of the great waves of Nazaré as the world stage of surfing, and that brought world visibility to my work,” said the photographer.

André Botelho has participated in international surfing events with the images he captures from the surfers’ show and the Nazaré waves show, having reached the finalist of the WSL – XXL Big Wave Awards, which distinguish the world’s biggest surfers (in the various categories of this sport) as well as the authors of the images of these adventures at sea in the last four editions.

Free entrance.

Exhibition “The Waves of Nazaré” – Paul Girol Gallery
Monday to Friday: 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Closed Sundays and holidays

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Nazaré hits record of visitors in New Year’s Eve 2017/2018

Rita Brilhante - 4 January 2018

The New Year’s Eve in Nazaré will have broken all the records in the affluence of public, although the official entities have not yet disclosed numbers of participants in the festivities.

The Municipality speaks of “one of the greatest seas of people, of all time” in the Marginal of Nazaré for the New Year’s Eve party. “Among several great concerts, with Função Públika and DJs Marksound, Paulo Mendes, Zabz, Ride and Disca Riscos, welcomed the arrival of 2018 with a spectacle of fireworks in a memorable night “, can be read in the page of the autarchy.

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Big Wave Tour in Nazaré for the second consecutive year

Rita Brilhante - 18 September 2017

On September 14th, 2017, the announcement of the Nazaré Challenge of the Big Wave Tour in Nazaré was officially announced, an event that will take place for the second consecutive year in Praia do Norte. “It’s the achievement of a goal, and Nazaré’s recognition as” an inescapable asset, probably the best place for WSL to stage a Big Wave Tour stage, “said Walter Chicharro, Mayor of Nazaré.
João Macedo, who reached the final in the 2016 edition of the Nazaré Challenge, said it was “a great honor” to be one of the ambassadors of this Giant Waves World Championship in Nazaré.
“We are in the top places of world surfing. We have an incredible natural resource, which is our beaches, our waves and strong human resources that allow us to take advantage of this, “he said.
For his part, António Silva, another finalist of the 2016 edition of Nazaré Challenge, considers “an honor and a pride to be in this race, the most demanding of the whole circuit. The North Beach is that mystic and I feel very honored to be here another year. Unlike other destinations, the Nazaré wave has a lot of consistency, derived from the submarine cannon. We will have, during the waiting period, several days in which the championship can be made.

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Fort’s Winter Schedule Enters Today

Rita Brilhante - 18 September 2017

From today, Monday, September 18, the S. Miguel Arcanjo´s Fort will resume the winter time (10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. – last entry at 17:30 p.m.).
The opening of this monument to the public, a decision of the current autarchic management, has been more a strong attraction of visits. 370.000 people visited the building, and its collection, consisting of thematic exhibitions about Nazaré, its history and its natural resources, as well as the Surfer Wall, a hall dedicated to wave sports athletes since its opening.
The monument was ceded to the Chamber of Nazaré. The celebration of the “Deed of acceptance and acceptance of the Fort of S. Miguel Arcanjo, between the Portuguese State and the Municipality” was approved in June of this year.
The property is destined to be recovered, with a view to its conservation, restoration and development of activities of cultural scope and of municipal interest.
The investment in requalification is estimated at 1 million euros, divided between the recovery and conservation of the property; and the implementation of infrastructures (water, sanitation, accessibility, etc.).

Fort of S. Miguel Arcanjo
10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. (last entry at 17:30 p.m.).
Entry: 1 euro

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Praia da Nazaré with surveillance throughout the year from September 16th

Rita Brilhante - 11 September 2017

Nazaré Beach will be watched throughout the year, starting on September 16th. The protocol of collaboration between the Municipality and the Association of Nazaré Saving Swimmers for beach surveillance was approved today until December 31, 2018.

The agreement includes the transfer of Moto Quatro by the Municipality to the Association, as well as the payment of fuel for its operation and rescue swimmers (5 rescuer swimmers for a period of 16 months, 3 rescue swimmers for a period of 3 months for reinforcement during the season bathing, 3 rescue swimmers on duty at the start of the year, and regularization of the difference of the value paid by the concessionaires to 17 rescuer swimmers).

As an excellent bathing holidays destination, Nazaré is visited annually by thousands of tourists.
The high number of visitors obliges the reinforcement of the surveillance and assistance to bathers, through the contracting of swimmers in non-concessionary beach areas and the addition of equipment and devices of surveillance, rescue and assistance to bathers, and even outside the bathing season .

“The Municipality opted to take the investment in bathers’ safety and the expenses associated with surveillance,” said Walter Chicharro, mayor of Nazaré.

For the mayor this is another effort in promoting a safe and with quality beach for families.

In addition to the financial support and motorcycle 4, the Municipality acquired all the necessary equipment to perform the functions of the swimmers, such as boards, uniforms and floats, handed over to the guards.

The Association will ensure the surveillance of Praia da Nazaré, as well as Praia do Norte, continuously.

“I think we will be the only ones in the country to have a beach guarded for 12 months a year. We have fulfilled, therefore, one of the needs spoken for years, “added the mayor.

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Nazaré in Festa 2017 – Atlantic Park – Sítio da Nazaré

Rita Brilhante - 10 August 2017

The “Nazaré em Festa” is held from 7 to 17 and September, in the Atlantic Park (Sítio, Nazaré). Amor Electro and Diogo Piçarra are heads of an event integrated in the Feasts in Honor of Our Lady of Nazaré. PROGRAMMING | September 7th to 17th | September 08 – Amor Electro; September 9 – DJ Wilson Honrado; September 10 – Quim Roscas and Zeca Estacionâncio + banda; September 11 – Abilius; September 13 – A Partir Tudo; September 14 – Trigloditas; September 15 – Diogo Piçarra; September 16 – Scream; September 17 – Folklore Festival (16h00). The concerts, which take place outdoors, begin at 10:00 p.m. They are free entry.

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4º Nazaré Paddling Event

Rita Brilhante - 10 August 2017

The beach of Nazaré will be the stage of the 4th Paddling Event, from August 23 to 27. During five days, will take place the 3rd Nazaré Surf Family; 4º Nazaré Sup Experience; 4th Stage of the Sup Wave National Circuit and the 4th stage of the National Circuit Sup Marathon.
It is the event organized by the CDAN – Alternative Sports Club of Nazaré and Portuguese Surfing Federation, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Nazaré.
+ Info CDAN


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Center of Portugal was the tourism region of the country that grew the most.

Rita Brilhante - 25 July 2017

The Center of Portugal was the tourist region of the country that grew the most in April of this year, compared to the same month of 2016, in practically all the indicators of tourist activity. The figures for the fourth month of the year, revealed by INE – National Statistics Institute, show an extremely high increase in demand for the region, especially from visitors from outside Portugal.
The fact that Easter was this year in April helps to explain these results. But the numbers show that the Center was the region, among all, that most felt the increase in demand. A sign that, definitively, the Center of Portugal is increasingly a preferred destination throughout the year.

INE News

42nd Book Fair of Nazaré in the Cultural Center

Rita Brilhante - 25 July 2017

From July 21st to August 13th, the 42nd Book Fair of the Library of Nazaré will be held at the Cultural Center. Hundreds of books at low prices; The exhibition “Luz Acesa no Bastidores”, by Luís Manuel Gaspar; Conversation with writers; Story Time; Presentation of books and Literary Proof are some of the activities that will animate this event held by the Biblioteca da Nazaré collectivity. Opening to the public: 9:30 am. Closure: 00h00. More information: biblionazare@netvisao.pt

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Exhibition of Legos in the Pavilion of Nazaré

Rita Brilhante - 24 July 2017

From July 22 to August 6, the Nazaré Municipal Pavilion hosts a Construction Exhibition in Lego, an initiative of the Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Nazaré, in partnership with the company Brinquedos & Brincadeiras. Exhibition Hours: Monday to Thursday: 14h00-22h00; Fridays: 14h00-23h00; Saturdays: 10h00-23h00 and Sundays: 10h00-20h00.

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“Exhibition of old vehicles of the Portuguese Navy” in Nazaré, from 15 to 23 July

Rita Brilhante - 20 July 2017

Exhibition of old vehicles of the “Portuguese Navy” in Nazaré. From July 15 to 23, meet some of the old and emblematic vehicles of the Navy, in the Municipal Library of Nazaré. This exhibition, which results from a partnership between the Navy and the Nazaré City Hall, is an activity integrated in the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the Navy’s formal creation.
The old Navy vehicles are maintained by the Directorate of Transport through its Museological Nucleus. ”
The opening of the exhibition, which was held on the 15th, was attended by the Captain of the Port of Nazaré, Paulo Sérgio Gomes Agostinho (Captain-Lieutenant); Of officers of the Transport Directorate of the Navy and Hélder J. do Carmo Limpinho, Captain-of-sea-and-war.

The exhibition can be visited daily in the Municipal Library.
Free entrance.

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European Men’s Beach Soccer League and European Women’s Beach Soccer Cup in Nazaré

Rita Brilhante - 2 June 2017

As host of the Euro Winners Cup 2017, Nazaré made a good impression on those involved in the competition, including players, families and the organization Beach Soccer Worldwide, which understands that this is the perfect place to host the next competitions. The geographical proximity of Nazaré to Sanxenxo was also taken into account.

Competitions will take place over the weekend of July 7 and 9. The Women’s Beach Soccer Cup, which will have eight teams involved, has been changed to this weekend allowing Nazaré to receive, in a single weekend, the 8 best men’s and women’s selections of European beach football.

Ukraine, now holders of the title, Spain, Poland and Greece, form Group One, while Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and France form Group Two. The selections that will participate in the women’s cup will be confirmed later.

Gabino Renales, deputy vice president of Beach Soccer Worldwide, stated that “Nazaré has already demonstrated its capacity as a place of excellence to host these events, offering everything an elite competition needs. The Municipality has been extremely helpful, we are very pleased that we have made this decision. ”

Walter Chicharro, mayor of Nazaré, was also very pleased to receive another international event: Nazaré, the nursery of beach soccer in the country, is passionate about this sport. It is a source of great pride for us to have the opportunity to host another major beach football event this year. As we have proven, and we continue to demonstrate it with the Euro Winners Cup, we are available and ready to become one of the world’s beach soccer centers. ”

News from the city hall of Nazaré.

Euro Winners Cup from May 26 to June 4

Rita Brilhante - 26 May 2017

The Nazaré Stadium will host dozens of beach games from May 26 to June 4 for the Euro Winners Cup. Games will run all day from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

To compete for the title of European Champion, there will be the best European clubs, with teams of men and women. In total, 36 teams in the final frame; 28 in the qualifying frame, and 16 women’s teams.

From May 26 to 28, the qualifying round will be held to select the teams that have not been automatically qualified and will have to score in Nazaré to compete in the Euro Winners Cup, which will run from May 29 to June 4.

After three successful years in Catania (Italy), where the Euro Winners Cup held its first editions, the biggest international beach football event ever, travels to Nazaré.

This year’s competition, featuring the best men’s and women’s teams in Europe, includes a qualification for additional places in the main competition, making it the largest Euro Winners Cup ever.

“To welcome the biggest international beach soccer event is a great satisfaction, in a modality where we have a strong tradition, namely in the training of players, who have been called to defend the colors of the National Team.It will undoubtedly be a great event, and at the same time will contribute to the promotion of Nazaré and boost the economy of the county and the region, “says Walter Chicharro, Mayor.

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Nazaré celebrates Sea Man’s Day

Rita Brilhante - 4 May 2017

The “Sea Man’s Day” is a popular festival of great importance to the inhabitants and fishing community.

On Saturday, May 6th, the procession on land, from the Cultural Center of Nazaré to the Chapel “Nossa Senhora dos Aflitos” (15h00), followed by Mass in the sand, in front of the Captainship (16h00). A spectacle of homage to the fisherman, in front of the Cultural Center of Nazaré, at 10 pm, will close the first day of festivities.

On Sunday, May 7th, the route trajectory of the images will take place, at Nazaré, Sítio and Pederneira, followed by the Maritime Procession of the ” Sea Man´s Day “, at 4:00 p.m., fulfilling the ritual of traditional three laps to the bay of Nazaré.

The gastronomy is one of the novelties of these two days of celebrations, with the operation of the Tasquinhas next to the Drying of the Fish.

News from the City Hall of Nazaré.

Freeride World Championship in Nazaré

Rita Brilhante - 7 April 2017

The best freeriders in the world, in the biggest waves in the world, Nazaré from 19 to 21 May.

XXX International Youth Handball Tournament – Dr. Fernando Soares

Rita Brilhante - 29 March 2017

In this tournament, teams of national and international scope are participating, currently covering the Minis, Infants, Initiates, Juniors of both sexes.
It will be held from April 9 to 13 of this year.


New : www.nazarecup.com

Praia da Nazaré elected one of the best in the country by travel site

Rita Brilhante - 28 March 2017

Nazaré beach is in the 10th place of a list led by the beaches of Falésia, Rocha and Marinha, all in the Algarve.
On the Tripadvisor list, Nazaré beach is in 10th place and is referred to as “world famous for its giant waves”.



News : Jornal “Região da Nazaré” de 28/03/2017


Rita Brilhante - 8 March 2017

Nazaré – Beach, an eighteenth-century urban nucleus, was formed and developed with fishing, but still in the nineteenth century, came to associate tourism. From there, Nazaré saw its growth associated with other activities such as: commerce, canning, transportation, hotels and restaurants.

The immensity of our sea generated the conviction that nothing could alter the characteristics and vitality of such a vast system. However, the current global depletion of marine resources has been counter to the idea that certain fishery resources are inexhaustible.

The technological progress that has been felt in recent decades in fisheries, with the consequent increase in vulnerability and intensification of exploitation, has caused serious imbalances in populations and ecosystems.

In this context, the problem of the preservation of marine ecosystems requires a joint reflection of all stakeholders in the fisheries sector in order to achieve viable and sustainable solutions for the balance of ecosystems.

The strategic importance of the Sea to Nazaré, the valorization of the association of this land and its people to the sea, as a factor of identity are undeniable. The focus on scientific knowledge and the protection of the marine ecosystem, which will enable Nazaré to achieve a leading position and specialization in maritime affairs, are crucial.

Opening of the Dry Fish Museum on December 17th

Rita Brilhante - 13 December 2016

The new Fish Drying and Interpretive Center of the Peixe Seco Museum – Vivo Museum, a project that represents an investment of 130 thousand euros (+ VAT) by the City Hall, will be inaugurated on the 17th, starting at 3:00 p.m.

To emphasize one of the differentiating elements of the Nazarene culture in the tourist attraction, offering at the same time better working conditions and capturing new agents for the tradition to perpetuate are some of the objectives of this project, consisting of 3 centers: , Interpretive Center (2) and Fish Treatment (3), which will be completed in 2017, with the inauguration of the last nucleus (3).

The project was presented to the population in 2013 by the current municipal administration. “One more step is important in something that is part of our identity. We want to preserve tradition, give dignity to the place and a secular activity, giving conditions to those who dedicate themselves to this activity and, who knows, to allow the creation of new jobs, “says Walter Chicharro, Mayor of Nazaré, about a project aimed at the preservation of traditions.

The new fish shelter, one of the nuclei of the Museu do Peixe Seco, will open with 17 places: 11 destined to the fishmongers in the active and the remaining dedicated to the creation of new jobs, 4 of which, however, occupied by fishmongers who debut In this field of activity.

News: Nazaré City Hall

The Gift live December 29 at Praia da Nazaré

Rita Brilhante - 13 December 2016

With the release of the band’s latest album, Easy to Understand, to be held in 2006, the release of a new album, Explode, is announced in February 2011. The album was made available on the band’s website, at the price the consumer wanted to pay . To present the new songs the band scheduled for March of the same year, a series of three concerts at Tivoli, Lisbon, and one in Madrid in May. The album on physical support went on sale in mid-March 2011.

It was announced on September 19, 2011, the nomination of the band for the MTV Europe Music Awards, in the category “Best Portuguese Act”, being the prize collected by the singer Aurea.

At the beginning of 2012, Art Vinyl voted the Explode album as one of the best covers of the year 2011. The album ranked 27th on a list of 50 best covers including Coldplay, The Strokes and Jay-Z. Still in early 2012, and less than a year after the release of Explode, the band announces the release of a new album. Primavera was released on January 9, containing twelve tracks

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